Imperial Riches is a slot game developed by NetEnt.

Learn to Be Calm and You Could Win Imperial Riches!

The new video slot machine from NetEnt is called Imperial Riches, and it mixes the calm sophistication of a traditional Chinese garden with the exciting possibility of winning one of five potential jackpots. This may sound like an odd combination of tranquility and excitement, but it actually works very well in this context. As a result, the game should be suitable for anyone who wants to unwind at the end of a hard day in the same way as it should be suitable for those who have aspirations to win a significant amount of money.

An Island of Peace in the Far East

This game is set in a beautiful Chinese garden that features a large pond that is covered in a rainbow of different colored water lilies. The pond acts as the primary backdrop for the action that takes place in the game. While the movement of this background image may at first appear to be quite limited, there is more than enough to make it feel much more immersive than a plain two-dimensional painting. The pond is flanked by two walkways, which are illuminated by Chinese lanterns. As a matter of fact, as you continue to play, you will become aware that the backdrop shifts from day to night and back again, and that the presence of the lanterns, as well as their reflections on the surface of the pool, becomes more prominent.

The game consists of five reels that are all white to emphasize how simple the game is, and the symbols that appear on those reels are also very simple and clean. They consist of a bamboo plant, fortunate coins, a gold ingot, a golden fish, a lantern scatter, and a gong wild card. The playing card ranks that are included are Q, K, and A.

The tranquility of the setting, which is supplied by the images in this game, is increased in a significant degree by the traditional Chinese music that plays during the entirety of the game. The cadence of this soundtrack is appropriately laid back until you activate a special feature, at which point it picks up the pace and becomes somewhat more celebratory. The sound effects that highlight victory and other events are also in line with the classic atmosphere of the game.

Play for one of These Five Jackpots!

In Imperial Riches, you can compete for one of five different jackpots. Two of them, which are known as the Rapid and the Mini, have a set value, whilst the other three, which are known as the Midi, the Major, and the Mega, are progressive and therefore increase in value until they are won. The Rapid and the Mini are the only two that have a set value.

Falling Freely

You will enter the Free Falls phase of the game when you obtain three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. During this round, you will be awarded 10, 15, or 20 free spins, depending on the number of scatter symbols that triggered the feature: three, four, or five scatters. An Avalanche mechanism is now being utilized in this section of the game. Any successful combination that occurs during this portion of the game will result in a jewel being gathered and taken from the reels, making room for other symbols to fall into their place.

Bonus Round of the Lucky Pond

After the conclusion of the Free Falls round, you will be sent to the Lucky Pond Bonus Game if you have accumulated any gems during the course of the game. At this point, the jewels will fall into a pond, where they will be available for consumption by either Coin Fish or Bonus Fish. The Coin fish will simply offer you cash in exchange for your jewels, but the Bonus Fish will grant you access to the Jackpot Game if it consumes three jewels in a single round.

Game of the Jackpot

Here is where you have the opportunity to win one of the five jackpots that are now available. There are six fish in the pond, one for each jackpot as well as a Coin Fish, and the winner of your prize will be the first fish to consume all three jewels in the pond.

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